How to Play With Your Baby

How to Play With Your Baby

Ever wondered what to do with your baby all day?

 A day with a little one can be long and exhausting and you can so often find yourself stuck for creative inspiration. Playing with your newborn can be intimidating and often you quickly run out of ideas, there's only so many times you can sing 'Wheels on the Bus' before you both start to climb the walls. Plus their floppy heads, shaky legs, and minimum motor skills can leave you feeling like you are boring your baby to pieces (not to mention yourself!).

This is where these handy little cards come to the rescue. All the activities are designed to be fun and stimulating and support your little one’s development. These clever little prompt cards are specifically designed by Claire, a full time Mum and qualified Early Years, to help get you through to naptime!


At Lobella Loves we love anything that helps inspire parents to spark little imaginations. These wonderful little cards are just the ticket to help promote learning through play and are so simple to whip out anywhere, any time. All activities use items from around the house and can be set up in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Plus if you don't have a suitable place for messy play, don't worry! There's nowhere better than an empty bath!

Simply pick out a card at random and within a few moments you will be trying new ideas with your little ones.

Click here to view their whole range of cards and be inspired in no time.


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