Meet the Maker: Year of Dates

Meet the Maker: Year of Dates

We chat to Kate the mama behind one of our most popular products on the website, ‘A Year of Dates’ (shop her whole collection here)

Each box of dates gives parents the opportunity to rekindle that flame and start dating again, so we can see why they are so popular! 



















We are delighted to feature Kate in this Meet the Maker feature and delve a little deeper into what floats her boat and makes her tick.

Share the love. Tell us who floats your boat?

On Instagram (my favourite hang out) I love @Mutha.Hood, Susie Verrill @Coco+Indie and @lobellaloves_jo for keeping it real. There’s too many small brands doing amazing things to mention them all but here goes… @bearsy.and.the.boy @jenniferhamley and @gooseberryfool

I’ve just got into podcasts, I listen to them while I pack orders - I love Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher, and from a business point of view Nicky Raby, The Juggle is real from Maxine @DigitalBonBons and the Janet Murray Show.

To baby shower or not to baby shower?

It depends on the person having the baby. I’ve had friends tell us to arrange one with a long list of requirements, and others want to slip under the radar. Either is fine, you can make your pregnant friends feel special without a party.

G&T or fizz?

Do I have to choose!?!? Right now - G&T, no fizz… G&T

Song that gets you on the dance floor?

Dance music… Calvin Harris, Daft Punk or Above and Beyond

What’s the last exciting thing you bought?

A large quantity of chocolate slabs in various alcoholic flavours… They were bought as gifts, but I remember where I hid them!

Night in IN? Or out OUT?

A couple of times a year we go out out and dance until at least midnight! Otherwise in – my business is all about date nights not being a big effort so I have to research.

Hangover survival tips when parenting?

To be honest I tend to remember about 10.30pm that I will be up at 6am regardless so I slow right down… to be very honest I’m normally home in bed by 10.30! Such a party animal…

One thing you can’t live without?

My amazing husband who’s been the best support while I work out this running a business malarkey! My daughter obviously ☺

And my phone… Sad but it is my business lifeline

One thing you can’t live with?

Love Island – sorry just never got it!!

Toughest mothering moment?

The first few weeks recovering from an emergency c-section in a second floor flat with no lift - feeling trapped, and feeling terrible.

Best mothering moment?

I’m so proud of every milestone she hits, when she tells me ‘that’s my letter’ and points to a P in a book – we’ll deal with the phonics of her name being Phoebe another time! When she learnt to say ‘I love you’ unprompted and tells me I’m her best friend. Heart melts.

Love is…

Knowing you have the full support of your other half every step of the way. Occasionally putting the phones down and chatting. Watching the sunset together.

Thanks Kate for such a wonderful interview and if you'd like to shop the Year of Dates Collection you can here now (including a very special exclusive New Parents Box, where an additional 10% goes to Postnatal Depression charities).

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