Etta Loves

Etta Loves

Clever sensory muslins for the modern mama

Your Love Story:

From as young as a few days old, experts agree on the importance of exposing babies to high contrast patterns. And boy does Etta Loves have some gorgeous high contrast designs for their sensory baby muslins. These muslin squares are scientifically designed to enhance a baby’s cognitive and visual development, how clever is that?! Also, you cannot fail to be bowled over by the fun, modern and unisex prints – these really are a must-have for any new mama.

Our Love Story:

There’s not enough love in the room for this mama. Jen is the wonderful brains behind the exceptionally clever and beautiful brand Etta Loves. A loyal, loving friend, who’s offered advice, support, a shoulder to cry on and is also rather wonderfully and randomly a neighbour to us at Lobella Loves!

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