Luxurious yet practical changing bags for the stylish modern mama

Your Love Story:

Changing bags like nothing you’ve seen before. Crafted from the finest leather and sporting all the accessories you’d expect from a designer bag, these stunning luxury leather baby changing bags also cleverly disguise their super practical application. You’d never know this selection of sophisticated and lusty-worth bags offer all the space and functionality you’ll ever need for your hundreds of different baby-bits.

KeriKit is the creation of Keri, a mama who has spent more than 25 years working as an accessories designer at the highest level. When she had her first child, she realised her previously loved handbags didn’t quite work as changing bags, so when she discovered she was expecting twins, she realised she’d better come up with a solution herself - she was perfectly placed to create a sophisticated, luxury solution to meet the changing needs of mamas in style.

Our Love Story:

We are all a little bit in love with KeriKits’ sophisticated and versatile bags at Team Lobella Loves, and none more so than our leader Jo who proudly sports the beautiful pink Thor backpack despite her little one being past the nappy stage. Which just goes to show, a KeriKit bag is a smart investment for years to come!

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  • Jo Love