Lulu and Nat

Lulu and Nat

Vibrant contemporary bed linen and accessories.

Your Love Story:

You’re about to fall in love with dressing your child’s bed! Lulu & Nat offer a wonderfully modern and vibrant selection of bed linen and accessories for babies, toddlers and children that will get you swooning. The fabrics are all hand block printed in India and feature designs that are colourful, bright and playful and also whimsical. The design creations are also cleverly co-ordinated across all the ranges to provide whole looks that that can be mixed and matched in any contemporary setting.

Our Love Story:

We met Lulu at a trade fair before Lobella Loves launched and we instantly hit it off and fell in love with her spirit and her collection in equal measure. This hard working mama whose experience in the industry is unparalleled has created a fun mix of patterns and colours. We are also totally in love the vibrant accessories like the cushions, bunting, and cot bumpers. You won’t look at bedding in the same way again!

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  • Jo Love