Rebel & Lola


Cool, original and lovingly-made designs bringing style to your little person’s life

Your Love Story:

Everything about Rebel and is deigned to make you fall in love. This stylish pair of mamas have created the ultimate collection of design-led homeware, clothing and accessories for kids. The brand name itself is inspired by their kitty babies, with this reflecting in the launching collection prints; the playfulness of “Rebel” and the whimsical side of “Lola” are incorporated throughout the home, clothing and accessories collections. However, a little birdy tells us Lola is in fact a little naughtier, more rebellious feline and Rebel the more refined, soft-hearted kitty!

Our Love Story:

We knew pretty quickly on meeting the girls and we needed a little bit of Rebel & Lola in our lives. We adore their distinctive style and design, and can’t wait to see what more the girls have in store as they grow.

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