Sparkle Child

Sparkle Child

Sparkly, bright and magical accessories and play things

Your Love Story:

At Lobella Loves we truly believe our little loved ones’ first years are truly a magical time filled with wonder and delight. It’s pretty hard not to believe in magic yourself when you discover Sparkle Child’s spellbinding collection of uniquely enchanting accessories.

Our Love Story:

Kristal, the amazingly sparkly mama behind Sparkle Child is a twinkling beacon of energy, love and light. We love that she epitomises her products beautifully bringing her magic and sparkle to little people everywhere. A word from Kristal “when I was a little my mum called me the ‘sparkle fairy’. When my daughter was born I called her my ‘sparkle child’. I was overwhelmed by the urge to create a magical and fun world for her and so SPARKLE CHILD was born...

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  • Jo Love