Your Love Story:

Set up by two mama friends and magazine journalists, Seven Seventeen sell soothing scented candles. Their name is an ode to parents who relish those golden hours when the children are finally in bed (7.17pm is the time that their children are in bed - on a good day). Made to look classy, smell divine and soothe the senses, you’ll find it hard to resist treating yourself or someone you know to one of these beautifully fragranced candles.

Our Love Story:

Their tag line had us hook line and sinker. ‘Mood boosting candles for the burnt out’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. We adore the fact this company is set up by two friends who want to bring some sensual serenity back to the busy everyday. Made in England, each candle is hand poured and made with fine quality plant wax and a mixture of fine fragrance oils and essential oils. Our favourite at the moment? Lime, Basil and Mandarin!

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