Blooming Lovely Jewellery

Blooming Lovely Jewellery

Your Love Story:

Ready for this? Blooming Lovely Jewellery is about to steal your heart. Their beautiful necklaces are made for expectant mothers, with long chains and pendants that contain a subtle chime that the baby can hear as you move. The idea is that when your baby is born they’ll be reminded of the womb when they hear the chime of your necklace. This absolutely gorgeous idea has roots in the Mexican tradition of harmony balls, but has been brought right up to date with a their fuss-free forms and simple aesthetic.


Our Love Story:

Our love story is pretty much the same as yours. We love that Blooming Lovely Jewellery have created something beautiful not just to wear, but also a beautiful way to bond with your unborn baby. No doubt their chime pendants will become future heirlooms and keepsakes, passed down through families as the circle of life goes on... That’s it! Someone pass us the tissues! 

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  • Jo Love